You want a lively activity for your upcoming social event…
and we want a group of high-energy friends ready to be exhilarated!

Miami Clay Shooters is the way to go. Keen party planners crave that extra something to set their celebration apart. For a sporting-geared or participatory outing, come engage your group with an event that’s visceral, tactile, and dynamic!

Few group activities offer a better mode of bonding between friends and family than sharpening your skills at a world class shooting range. Our outdoor ranges provide a perfect training ground for lifelong hunters and gun enthusiasts, or total amateurs brand new to the sport.

With our generous and expertly trained onsite staff, nobody’s going to feel intimidated holding a gun for the first time.

We provide a full run-down of terminology, gun design, safety procedures, essential tips and techniques, and above all, the chance to learn by doing.

Step up, take aim, and score an experience that is both indisputably comfortable and full-throttle thrilling.

During the span of your visit, watch your group improve, excel, and perfect their abilities. We guarantee this: you will witness measurable improvement and be clamoring to come again.